Confession Time

Yeah, it’s that time to come clean. As humans, there are those little things that we do either consciously or not which we then forget and get to remember them later on when they at no longer important.

On my last post was a comment that ended with ‘Say hi to Mum and Dad.’ Did I do it? We’ll find out. However, it got me thinking, how many times have I been told to say hi to everyone at home but forget the message as soon as the person who sent me is out of sight? At times, it is via a phone call where the caller ends with ‘Say hi to everyone at home.’

Ever been given an important and very urgent message to pass to your parent or other person but forgot to do so? Has it ever happened that you are given money or other valuable item to hand over to your parents, siblings or other person but forgot all about it?

Well, we are all guilty of at least one of the above. If these were crimes punishable by law, I would have been guilty of the three counts and maybe my fine would be in millions. But honestly speaking, would I have the hundreds of millions or perhaps a Billion Kenya Shillings to pay as court fine?

When it comes to money and other items given to convey to a third party, the person who ought to receive the money automatically assumes that you are just keeping the money intentionally. At times, could be intentionally but please don’t judge so quickly. Any explanation that you may provide of how it was a sincere mistake on your side falls on deaf ears. If only they knew.

For those of us living in the villages, we get a lot of people sending us to pass greetings to our folks. One interesting observation is that the greetings will almost always be followed by an encoded message; ‘Salimia Aunty sana na umwambie aache kunitupa hivo sana…’ In a day, a total of five or six individuals will send you. At times, you do not even know this person’s name but he/she is quite popular in the village. I am one person who will never bother to ask a person’s name if I forget. I will ‘brathee’ or ‘madam’ you to death. Alternatively, I will give you a nickname or use a unique definition such as ule dem wa make up mingi. Other times, you only know their nickname. Problem comes in when this nickname is an inappropriate name that is only used within your circles.

To all those who send me to pass greetings to my folks and family members, I always forget. Okay, not always but 99.9% of the time. The other 0.1%, I will simply try to relate your importance to the person you sent me to pass the greetings to. If he/she does not regard you highly, I’m sorry I will intentionally forget. Next time you will meet me and ask me if I passed your regards, I will either lie with a straight confident face and tell you ‘Yes I did’ or ‘I forgot but I will do it today.’ And for the record, I passed the greetings on the previous post’s comments.

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