She Really Loved Him

Dear Reader, on this article, I am going to try out something and at the end I will require your honest feedback to show whether the same was a success or a flop. I am going to do a 3-part series of this article. Enjoy.

Shix as her friends called her was the daughter of one of the most influential business moguls within the Republic of Kenya. Her father was very wealthy and Shix pretty much had everything she ever wished for, that money could buy. She was the envy of her friends. They thought that she had the best life.

However, she was one humble being who loved interacting with anyone and everyone. She was easygoing. Her Father’s attempt to avail a state of the art car, a driver and a bodyguard at her disposal was futile. She turned down all that. She preferred using public transport only using taxi cabs when absolutely necessary

Unknown to many, she had that one thing that made her unhappy that even money couldn’t compensate for. Her mother had died 19 years back on the day she was born. She had developed complications while giving birth to Shiks. The doctors at that time never thought that Shiks would make it beyond 3 weeks after birth. She was an only child with no siblings. Growing up, she had no female-figure to look up to and most especially as she approached puberty. This left her confused as she was not fully aware of the bodily changes that she was experiencing.

Upon passing her KCSE exams, her father endeavored to enroll her in a university based in Germany. She blatantly refused citing that she wanted to be around home. She was admitted at one of the medium cost private universities in Kenya. This was after being enrolled at driving school and having a car bought for her. She however avoided using the car because she felt out of place. Most of her classmates would walk to school or use public transport. She wanted to blend with them but she would occasionally use it.

On one of these occasions when she had come to school with her vehicle, she came back to find that her car had a flat tyre. The simplest thing was to call one of her Father’s drivers to avail another car for her use and take care of the repairs of the flat tyre. She detested this thought and as she was trying to figure out a plan B, a voice behind her said, ‘Hello Madam, I can help you with that.’ She was taken aback.

She turned to find one of her classmates Desmond. She tried to turn down his offer but eventually gave in. Within a few minutes, Desmond had already changed the tyre. Shiks was impressed and reached out to her purse where she fished out 5 one thousand notes and handed them to Desmond. He was taken by surprise and stated that the same was too much. Eventually, he took two thousand shillings. She further offered him a lift to his home. Unknown to any of his classmates, Desmond worked as a part time mechanic so as to be able raise his school fees.

Desmond was that guy who never divulged much information about himself. This aroused some peculiar interest in Shiks. She always wondered, ‘Who is this guy?’ He was an enigma to her. Over the days that followed, she developed some feelings towards him that she had never felt. She could not believe that she was having what her friends described as a ‘crush’ towards this guy.

She told this to a few of her friends. Some encouraged her to continue pursuing him while others told her to avoid degrading herself. Every morning, she would drive to his house and help him with some house chores. She would then drive him to school and in the evening, she would drive him back home. He was not entirely comfortable with this arrangement. He discouraged her but she wouldn’t give up.

Desmond’s friends saw all these and were concerned. Some were jealous and advised him that Shiks was only out to use him then dump him. Others told him that she really loved him. Shiks on her part was obssessed with Desmond. Within no time, they had started being intimate with Shiks skipping classes to spend time with  Desmond…

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