How It All Began

Every person has a story. I am no exception. I have had my up and downs. I have experienced beautiful and ugly moments. That is life. Its what makes it interesting.

Today, I will give you a sneak peak of my writing journey. Well, it’s more of a short stint. I never at any time in my life imagined that I would ever write anything that would be read by more than 10 people let alone log in to wordpress and create a blog page. Were it not for the COVID-19, maybe by now, my custom domain website would be up and running.

How did I start writing? I can say that it was by accident. I am one person who uses public transport means almost on a daily basis. A matatu ride from Nairobi town to my home place or vice versa takes an average of One and a half hours via Kiambu Road. The same journey takes an average of two hours, fifteen minutes via Thika SuperHighway. It can be longer in case of heavy traffic flow.

On this particular day, I boarded a matatu from Town to Ruiru. There was some good reggae music playing from it and being a reggae music fan I would hum to most of the tunes. Soon after the matatu set off, the music went off. I was somehow frustrated.  I hoped that the music would come on but lets just say, disappointments are part of life. The person seated next to me was an old woman thus I couldn’t strike a conversation. I was bored.

I reached for my phone and played some music on my earphones. The music was however not as soothing. I tried to scroll through my phone looking for which app to open atleast to keep myself entertained. My right thumb finger landed on the Google Docs app. I found myself opening a new word document with no idea of what to write. An idea of how my morning bus ride to school was came into my mind.

I wrote down all the things that had happened that morning and saved the Document as ‘Morning Bus Ride.’  You can read it from this linkThe crush part was however fictional though. By the time I was done putting down the ideas in a prose form, the bus was just a few meters from Ruiru from where I was to alight and board another vehicle home.

I completely forgot about that document for almost seven months. One day, as I was clearing unused and unwanted clutter from my phone, I came across it. I debated on whether or not to delete it but eventually chose to keep it. I wondered what to do with it. I sent it to a friend who told me that it could be an entertaining story. I laughed off the idea and she told me to forward it to other people. I did so though hesitantly and the comments I received encouraged me. Some pointed out spelling mistakes, others highlighted some grammatical errors but the bottom line was that it was good. 90% said that they would love to read more of such.

Afterwards, I wrote two more that is The Flashback and Church Service. I forwarded the former to the same friends via whatsapp. The comments were that it was better than the first one. One particular person (you know yourself) gave me the idea of opening a blog. In my head, I laughed off the idea but somehow I decided to do so. I found out that back in 2016, I had created a wordpress account that I would use to comment on blogs I read. This made my work easier as I just built on the account.

I posted the Church Service article on the blog and shared the link. Its reception was beyond what I expected. It was received very well. As they say, the rest is history. All my articles were written in a matatu except for the few that I have done during this quarantine period.

I sincerely Thank you all who have walked with me in this journey. For all your comments, suggestions, correction, criticism both positive and negative, I really appreciate. For those who are first timers here, kindly subscribe to receive updates on new posts. For wordpress users, follow and I will follow back. For those who may want to receive new post updates via Whatsapp, click here.

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May God abundantly bless you all.

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