He Messed Her Up

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Few weeks later, examinations had come. Shiks just did the exams for the sake of it. When the results came, she had failed in 7 out the 9 units that she was taking. She never told her father of it. ‘How did you perform in your first semester my dear?’ Her father asked one day as they were taking supper. ‘The Dean talked of some technical challenges with the online portal and they are working on it.’

This was now during the 2nd semester.  Her father started noticing some strange behavior. Shiks was always on her phone smiling to herself. She would make phone calls lasting one hour or more since she could afford it. Her father was concerned but he never confronted her.

Shiks had told Desmond of how she had failed in her exams. ‘You are not alone darling. I failed in six units. Don’t worry, we will still make it. Never worry.’ This “encouraged” her and she felt a sense of relief. She went on with her usual habits of skiving classes to hang out with Desmond.

Unknown to her, her father decided to carry out his own investigation since Shiks had started giving alot conflicting information on her first semester’s results. He went to the school administration to track his daughter’s performance. He almost fainted when he got the report of her failure and her usual behavior of absconding classes. He however did not tell her of the findings. 

Soon, Shiks world came tumbling down on her. She felt some discomfort and decided to book an appointment with her father’s physician Dr.Vishram. After a few tests, it was confirmed that she was not suffering from any illness. She was infact expectant. She was devasted. She was very sure that it was Desmond’s. She decided not to tell him the news as she was scared of his reaction.

On the next day, her father spotted her throwing up in the morning. This instilled the idea of Shiks being pregnant but he rubbed it off. He told her to go see Dr. Vishram. She just agreed to avoid further conversation and suspicion.

Shiks went to hang out with Desmond as usual at his rented bedsitter. As was always the case, she took Desmond’s phone scrolling through his gallery in search of funny videos and memes. As she was scrolling, she found a screenshot of his exam results. He had 7 As and 2Bs. He had done extremely well. Unknown to her, after spending the day together, Desmond would burn the midnight oil revising what his classmates learned during the day. She was dumbfounded. She was angry. She was boiling. She wanted to strangle Desmond but she managed to maintain her cool though her mood and red eyes betrayed her .

As if that was not enough, she found a text still on Desmond’s phone. This was now the ultimate shocker. Desmond had a wife and two kids. His wife back in the village had texted him with an update of how the kids were and that their school fees balance was due. She wished that the earth would open up and swallow her alive. She just took her purse and headed to her car. Her mind was unsettled. All these was too much to take in. She started her car and was on her way home. She was absent minded as she drove.

Unfortunately, owing to her absent mindedness, she lost control of her vehicle and landed in a ditch. She had been involved in a freak road accident!

Did she pull through? Find out in the last part here. In the meantime, take all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of Corona Virus as outlined by the Ministry of Health and The World Health Organisation. STAY SAFE

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