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So now, on this Article, am going to do something totally different. I’m well aware that not all readers can relate to this article but just read to the last part. Thankyou. I am going to describe two different characters.
Disclaimer: This Article May bring back some painful memories

Scenario 1
Ever met someone so Jovial? Someone who is ever smiling. Never a dull moment for them. They are the ever kind type of person. In your mind, you can swear that this person is perfect. This person is rather quiet but once you get to know them, they are very open.

That one individual who is ready to help you whenever they can without expecting anything. This person is willing to go out of their way to assist you. This person easily makes friends due to their friendly nature. They do not look down on anyone no matter the situation.

You have interacted with this person for a very long time but at no particular moment have you ever seen them sad or angry. They are able to make lemonade from the proverbial lemons that life throws at them the ‘bitterness’ of the lemons not withstanding.

Scenario 2
Now, ever met that other person who is more of outspoken and outgoing.
They only exhube positive kind of vibes. This person will call you very early in the morning and contrary to what you would expect, they are just full of that positive energy. They fit everywhere. You have just known them for a few minutes but the feeling is as if you have known them for ages.

That person who is ever talkative but not the annoying talker. They easily make friends and can effortlessly strike a conversation with a stranger. This kind of person does not discriminate. They are friends with everyone regardless of social status.

The have that kind of a ‘commanding’ voice and have leadership qualities and have on several occasions used that for their benefit and that of others. They are a crowd puller even in their absence. They stand up to fight for their rights and those of other people. They are able to mobilize people to stand up for their rights.

They are also very kind. They are also very smart both physically and mentally. They work hard and smart. They are not the uptight kind who can only restrict themselves to a comfort zone but they are adventurous and are not afraid of trying out new staff. They also teach you a lot.

So now, these were: Gloria Msuya and Tracy Mungai respectively. With Jamhuri day, we painfully remember of the accident that led to their demise five days apart having come from celebrating Gloria’s Birthday which falls on 11th December 2019. This was the same day that Tracy had courageously and almost singlehandedly convened a meeting with the Vice Chancellor and led the same.

Words may not be enough to describe them but their treasured memories still live in our hearts. Continue Resting in peace dear Angels

Gee & Tee

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